Problems with the spindle
unit in your machine?

We are your partner for repairs. We totally recondition it to the level of the new spindle unit. You save the costs and get extra warranty.

Dear trading partners,

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We help your machines to better outputs

Machine tools are constantly evolving and spindle units together with them. Spindle repairs are also more sophisticated, which requires high-quality facilities, top equipment, diagnostics, and highly skilled technicians.

Precision grinding and production of new spindle parts must take place at the narrowest manufacturing tolerances.


reconditions of spindle units were made by our team in 2017


repairs of other rotary applications related to the working of machine-tools


other projects in the category of tool and tipping heads we managed


core staff members and around 15 proven regional co-workers


contractual service partners in Slovakia, Poland, Germany and Netherlands

Do you need spindle repair or machine service?

We repair your spindle unit so that it will work for many years as new. We provide service to your machines. Quickly. Qualitatively. Completely.

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